Religious Ceremony

We can offer either Protestant or Roman Catholic wedding ceremonies. According to the Italian law, only the Catholic Church is authorized to celebrate legally binding weddings.
In Italy, a Catholic wedding entails some special procedures that need to be followed.
The ceremony itself may be celebrated either in English or Italian with the assistance of an interpreter.
Birth certificates and proof of the marriage preparatory program, which the couple should have attended within the previous 6 months, should be provided in advance. The Italian Curia should receive such documents at least two months before the wedding takes place.
The Protestant rite is more flexible since the blessing may be celebrated at the selected venue (a villa, a hotel, etc.), either indoors or outdoors, or in the private chapels that the period properties we use for our Umbria weddings often feature. The ceremony is identical to a Protestant blessing celebrated in a church, including prayers, readings, vows, exchange of rings and, sometimes, Holy Communion too.

Civil Ceremony

Italian civil weddings usually take place within some charming, historical venues owned by local authorities. Sometimes, they may be celebrated somewhere else, as long as the Italian authorities provide the authorization required.
A civil wedding ceremony is celebrated in Italian by the local Mayor, or by a delegated Registrar, with the assistance of an official interpreter. Two over-18 witnesses must also be present.
At the end of the ceremony, a marriage certificate is issued. This will be fully and legally binding in the spouses’ home country.

Symbolic Ceremony

The main feature of a symbolic ceremony is the high level of customization that it allows for, according to the couple’s values and beliefs.
Thanks to its nature, a symbolic ceremony may be celebrated at the most amazing venues, such as a castle courtyard, a hamlet main square, a romantic garden or a lush vineyard.

Civil Partnership

Nowadays, also same sex couples may choose Italy to celebrate their wedding through a legally binding ceremony that is fully recognized by the Italian authorities.
Some special requirements must be complied with, and our wedding planners will be happy to assist you along the way.
For those couples who do not wish to fulfil the legal demands of a civil partnership, the alternative is a symbolic ceremony set in a stunning venue that will be the ideal backdrop for a truly unique experience.

Vows Renewals

A vows renewal may be performed through a symbolic ceremony or, in case of Catholic weddings, a church blessing officiated by a priest.
Some of the most enchanting Italian venues will provide an amazing setting for such a special and touching celebration.

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